Saturday, July 16, 2011

How to Create A Software Site from Plug-in Bundles for Eclipse Tycho Maven

As of Eclipse Tycho Maven plugin 0.12.0, it can only use "InstallationUnit" type (aka Software Site sources) from a target platform definition file. So you cannot use Features, Installation, or Directory in your target definition file.

If all the plug-ins your Eclipse Platform application requires are already in a Software Site/Update Site, you're lucky. But if not, don't despair. Gather all the plug-ins in a directory and...
(note: you may need to OSGify some files beforehand using Bnd or Eclipse PDE)

The lighting way:
If it already contains feature(s) that list the available plug-ins, just create a .target definition file and in Eclipse right click the .target and export it. Done!
If not, continue below...

The quick way:

  1. Create a Feature project, initial plug-in list is empty.
  2. Create a .target platform definition file in PDE, inside the Feature Project. Add the bundles. Activate it.
  3. Open the feature.xml, Plug-ins tab. Select all plug-ins (use "*.*" filter)
  4. Right click the Feature project, Export... as a deployable feature :-) There, you get your Software Site neatly prepared and ready for some serious Tycho action! :D

The hard way:

To learn more about Eclipse platform programming, I highly recommend Eclipse Rich Client Platform (2nd Edition).


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