Thursday, December 23, 2010

Creating a Daemon-style Eclipse "headless" Application

A daemon application is an application that does not exit immediately and does not wait for any input/interaction from the user. Instead, it is (usually) providing a network service or by being a server. Apache Tomcat servlet container is one such daemon.

To run  a daemon-style application in Eclipse runtime, it is tempting to just use the standard infinite loop:


public class Application implements IApplication {

public Object start(IApplicationContext context) throws Exception {
// ... start services here (in another thread) ...
while (true) {
try {
} catch (InterruptedException e) {
return IApplication.EXIT_OK;

While this technique works, I believe the better way is just to immediately return normally. And use Eclipse's -noExit launch argument to let Eclipse know that we're still doing things in the background.

So the start() method can be just like this:

public Object start(IApplicationContext context) throws Exception {
final ResourceSetImpl resourceSet = new ResourceSetImpl();
Resource dealerResource = resourceSet
dealer = (YahooDealerImpl) dealerResource.getContents().get(0);


Resource catalogRes = resourceSet.createResource(URI.createFileURI("/home/ceefour/project/AbisPulsa/workspace/com.abispulsa.model/src/model/Catalog.xmi"));
Catalog catalog = (Catalog) catalogRes.getContents().get(0);

return IApplication.EXIT_OK;

Then edit the application's Launch Configuration and add the following to program arguments:

-noExit -consoleLog

You may also want to add the OSGi console (argument -console):

-noExit -consoleLog -console

Let's run 'em servers. :-)


  1. Great tip! Sometimes I find it's far simpler to just set osgi.noShutdown to true in my config.ini file, instead of relying on commandline options.

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