Friday, December 24, 2010

Saving the xsi:schemaLocation into EMF XMI file

Previously I've shared how to fix loading an EMF XMI file within Eclipse IDE that has no xsi:schemaLocation.

The reason why it happened to me was everytime is called, it removes the xsi:schemaLocation from the saved XMI file. Which made the file not openable from Eclipse IDE again. I want to get rid of this problem once and for all!

Thanks to Ed Merks, there are three ways to solve this problem:

  1. Install the plugin containing your EMF-generated package to the Eclipse IDE. This seems to be the proper way to do it. Better yet, you can install the generated EMF.Edit and EMF.Editor plugins so you can experience the real editor with all the features (including icons) you've prepared.
  2. Use XMIResource.OPTION_SCHEMA_LOCATION to serialize the xsi:schemaLocation. I'll detail this below.
  3. Change the package's nsURI so that it points to the real, absolute path of the Ecore file (or the metamodel, I think you can use an XML Schema/XSD or UML file as well). This can be a file:// URI or a http:// URI (I guess platform:/ URIs would work as well).

Since the first and third option is self-explanatory, here's how to do the second option.


Open your *PackageImpl class and override the createResource() method to specify the actual schema (Ecore metamodel) location:

protected Resource createResource(String uri) {
return super.createResource("file:/home/ceefour/project/AbisPulsa/workspace/com.abispulsa.model/src/model/abispulsa.ecore");

The method is not there so you have to create it (press Ctrl+Space on an empty space to bring up the code assist).

Now when doing, you need to set the XMIResource.OPTION_SCHEMA_LOCATION to true :"Saving resource: %s", getCatalog().eResource().getURI()));
HashMap<String, Object> opts = new HashMap<String, Object>();
opts.put(XMIResource.OPTION_SCHEMA_LOCATION, true);

Now it saves the xsi:schemaLocation to the XMI file. :-)

Also sourced from EMF Wiki:


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  3. Hi, good summary! One thing you want to change is to use absolute URI (file:///home/ ....) instead of (file:/home). The latter will become messy in case when you have projects in eclipse physically located in different directories. For example you might have:


    but if project1 is in /home/user/projects/project1 and project2 is in /home/user/projects2/project2 the relative URI set in schemaLocation of mu.xmi will be ../../projects/project1/model/my.ecore. This will not work - the relative URI are resolved using eclipse platform rather than physical location (in this example it will be ../project1/model/my.ecore).

  4. finally i found my bug :) ty for this helpfull thread.

    You might consider to put the annotation

    * @generated not

    to ur method that it won't be overriden when u need to generate ur classes again

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